Established in 2010 and trailblazing since 2015 in the realm of Nano Liquid Glass screen protection, Crystaltech Nano continues to lead the industry. Our pioneering spirit is evident in our innovative screen break warranty, which not only covers up to $350 for screen replacement but can also be used to offset deductibles under other mobile phone insurance plans like Apple Care.


In partnership with Warranty Life, Crystaltech Nano introduces an all-encompassing screen break warranty. This warranty is available alongside our cutting-edge SiO2 Liquid Glass universal screen protector and can also be seamlessly bundled with OEM tempered glass or custom-cut film-on-demand screen protectors. It’s a complete turnkey solution that harmonizes with your existing product line.


Our screen break warranty ranges from $100 to $350, catering to a wide spectrum of needs. Moreover, it’s accessible in the UK and the EU, ensuring global coverage.

Elevate your revenue with this high-margin added warranty. Crystaltech Nano empowers you to enhance both your top-line and bottom-line performance with our tailored warranty solutions. Contact us today to unlock the potential for growth and innovation. Crystaltech Nano – where protection meets profitability.

Launched Nano Screen Protection in North America

  • 2015

CES WINNER "BEST IN SHOW" iPhone Liife Magazine for Nano Liquid screen protector

  • 2016

Pioneered Liquid Glass with Screen break warranty for the USA

  • 2017

First to offer Display Protect Screen Break warranty in Europe 100 Euro

  • 2018

Launched aTio2 Nano Anti fog reusable wipe

  • 2020

Partnered with Warranty Life to offer PIN Warranty as an add on to Cases and Glass

  • 2022

Launched Liquid Glass with Screen Break Warranty and PIN warranty in the EU and UK

  • 2023

The Story of Crystaltech Nano

We brought the flagship Crystaltech Nano Liquid Screen Protector to North America in 2015-2016, the innovation of their Nano phone screen coating technology wowing the crowds at CES, the world’s biggest Consumer Electronic Shows held annually in Las Vegas.

Headquartered in the heart of Montreal’s Fashion District, Crystaltech Nano – with offices and production facilities in Canada, the United States, U.K., China and Germany – sells at retail and online, shipping ready-to-use protective coatings worldwide and conquering this huge global growth category one smartphone, one pair of goggles and one windshield at a time.

Our Partnership with
Warranty Life
for Screen Break Warranty

Crystaltech Nano has joined forces with Warranty Life to bring you exceptional screen break insurance in the USA, UK, and Europe. Our comprehensive coverage spans from $100 to $350 in the USA, 100€ to 350€ in Europe, and 100£ to 300£ in the UK.

What sets us apart? A seamless app-based registration process on your mobile device, delivering the best customer experience available in the market.

But that’s not all. This remarkable screen break warranty can be seamlessly bundled with our top-tier products: Liquid Glass, Tempered Glass, and Custom Cut on Demand screen protectors.

Looking for turnkey solutions for OEM brands and retailers? Look no further. Crystaltech Nano is your trusted partner in screen protection.

For further details and to explore the limitless possibilities, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Crystaltech Nano and Warranty Life – where innovation meets peace of mind.