Crystaltech Nano & Warranty Life have Partnered up!

Nano Liquid Glass Screen Protector with Screen Break Warranty

The fastest growing category in wireless accessories!


$100, $150, $250, $300, $350 with $0 deductible.

Available in Euros
and GBP 🇬🇧



Universal screen protection that covers all devices: 

★ Phones

★ Smart Watches 

★ Tablets 

with Screen Break Warranty

Exclusive distributor for Liquid Glass Shield 🇬🇧 🇩🇪

Crystaltech Nano is the exclusive distributor for Liquid Glass Shield in North America. ( USA and Canada ) 

Liquid Glass Shield is the creator of

  • Numerous industrial Nano Coatings.  
  • Thermal Glass Coatings 
  • Anti Corrosion Coatings 
  • Ceramic coatings 
  • Liquid Glass coatings. 
  • Marine coatings 
  • Building coatings 

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Nano Screen Protection

• High margin item for the retailer
Low inventory risk /management
A solution for any device
App based registration
Zero deductible
Can be used to pay Apple Care or other
insurers deductible
No end of life
One Sku fits any device
Add screen break guarantee
protection of $250 to any device
Easy to apply, Just wipe on wipe off, No bubbles
9H hardness
Liquid Glass German Sio2 formula

Screen Break Warranty

• Available in the UK and USA
• 100/150/250/300/350€$
• Can be added to any screen protection Product:
• Liquid glass
• Tempered glass
• Custom cut film
• No end of life
• Universal
• High margin 
• Easily bundled with existing product line


• A TiO2 Nano formula for anti-fog infused into a microfiber reusable cloth
• Good for up to 600 uses
• No harmful chemical
• SGS tested
• Eliminates fog on any glass: glasses, goggles, and helmet visors
• Comes in a re-sealable ziplock pouch
• As seen on MASHABLE

Automotive Windshield Treatment

• As seen on QVC Shopping channel
• A nano SiO2 windshield treatment
• Easily applied in minutes
• Repels rain
• Ice and frost wont stick
• Better visibility in bad weather
• Lasts for up to 6 months
• See Better! Drive Safer!