Nano Liquid Glass Windshield Treatment

Rain Repellent – Beads and Rolls Off | Coating Treatment to Repel Ice, Snow and Road Grime | Automotive Safety Product to Improve Visibility

As seen on QVC. 

Professional productS not sold in stores. 

Nano liquid Glass windshield treatment

  • See clearer and farther with a clear windshield! Protect your loved ones with a faster response time when seconds can save a life.
  • REPELS MOTHER NATURE’S ELEMENTS: Rainwater beads up and rolls right off, even in the heaviest of storms. Remove frost, snow and ice with ease in the mornings. Bugs and gunk won’t stick, so keeping clean windshields is a breeze! Magnificent!
  • LONG-LASTING GLASS TREATMENT: Our durable windshield protective treatment will last up to 9 months – plenty of time to get you through harsh winters and rainy spring seasons!
  • EASY AND FAST TO APPLY: Apply our windshield protector in just a couple of minutes! It’s so easy with a wipe! Be sure to start with a clean windshield and simply wipe on to form an all-weather protective barrier! It only takes 3 minutes!
  • USING MODERN TECHNOLOGY: Made in Germany, the base compound of SiO2 (Silicon Dioxide) is pure liquid glass. When applied, it forms an invisible and ultra-thin layer of powerful protection! It is Nano, which is 5000 times thinner than human hair! It contains no harmful chemicals and meets REACH standards. We guarantee its results! Buy it now to experience a clean and clear windshield!