• universal size
  • fits any phone
  • smart watch and tablet
  • easy to apply
  • high margin
  • for retailer
  • no end of life or inventory risk
CrystalTech Nano Liquid Screen Protector
With Screen Break Warranty
(App based registration)
The ultimate Nano Liquid Screen Protector one size fits all for any size smartphone, tablet or smartwatch! The German Nano Liquid SiO₂ Formula wipe-on/wipe-off Crystaltech Nano 2.0 offers a scratch-resistant finish with 9H hardness, with antibacterial, and anti-radiation properties.
German Nano Liquid SiO₂ Formula 🇩🇪

For Phones, Tablets & Smart Watches

Special Features:

• German Nano Technology
• Made in Germany
• 9H Hardness
• Universal Compatibility
• Works on all models
• Scratch-Resistant
• SGS Verified – Antibacterial Protection
• Anti-Radiation
• Blocks 90% of Radiation Emitted
• Verified by MicroBio Laboratory
• Enhanced Touch Sensitivity
• Water Resistant
• No Bubbles
• Easy to Apply
• Protects for Up to 1 Year
• Screen Break Warranty provided by Warranty Life
• App based registration
• Now available in UK and USA